Steve’s life changed, retiree finds new focus in helping kids

Two moments changed Steve Wadley. Taken together, they convinced him to spend part of his retirement devoting his time, talents and experience to raising money for local organizations that support education in Atlanta’s innercity schools. The first moment came when Wadley was a boy. He played football then on a team based in Buckhead. His team played in a citywide league and when he and his teammates played away games in poorer Atlanta neighborhoods, he saw that those players had nowhere near the level of support — the new equipment, the uniforms, the practices — that benefited him and his teammates.

“We would kill ’em,” the 61-yearold said. “It’d be 56-to-nothing. It just wasn’t a fair fight. It just wasn’t fair. It stuck with me.”

I’m talking about Atlanta’s inner-city youth.    Many of these kids aren’t afforded the same opportunities you and I may have had.   You may remember the Atlanta public school cheating scandal from a few years ago where administrators and teachers were changing test scores to hide from the embarrassment of a failing school system.   Most of these students weren’t just failing, they were 2-3 years behind in their education. This is unacceptable!  Fortunately two great charities, I’d like to call attention to, stepped in and picked up the slack.

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