Steve Wadley featured in Reporter Newspapers

Steve’s life changed, retiree finds new focus in helping kids

Two moments changed Steve Wadley. Taken together, they convinced him to spend part of his retirement devoting his time, talents and experience to raising money for local organizations that support education in Atlanta’s innercity schools. The first moment came when Wadley was a boy. He played football then on a team based in Buckhead. His team played in a citywide league and when he and his teammates played away games in poorer Atlanta neighborhoods, he saw that those players had nowhere near the level of support —

A World In Need

You don’t have to…

You don’t have to look very hard to find people in need today.   The aftermath of recent storms Harvey, Irma, & Maria, revealed whole areas of Texas and Florida destroyed.  The U.S. island providence of Puerto Rico was almost wiped from the map and will take years to clean up and restore.  And while these tragic situations may deserve our attention, financial aid/donations, and certainly our help at the moment, there are others suffering daily in our own city of Atlanta we don’t see on the news.

I’m talking about Atlanta’s inner-city youth. 

3 Easy Ways to Get Involved in Your Community

Get Involved Locally

When you get involved in your own community, there is a connection, a sense of oneness and solidarity when you are able to be a part of these changes on a consistent basis, not just for a short time. You can assist in the improvement and be a part of the sustainability, which is often difficult for some areas without consistent community effort. And you can also reap the benefits of seeing the people’s lives you are helping change course of, through different stages of their lives (depending on the type of volunteering you